Makers Development needs no introduction for anybody who is familiar with Mumbai Real Estate. We have worked with Makers on numerous projects through the years and maintain its IT. We take care of its security, compliance and data and have kept Makers running smoothly over the years. From 2001 Till Date Real Estate
TPA is synonymous with premium architecture and interior design services. We brought innovation and structure into a mature, established company and line of business through IT. We re-engineered the IT, moved it to the cloud and brought in an HR ERP. With our help, TPA is growing fast and adopting best practices and new technologies. From 2007 Till Date Architecture and Interior
ANC is a communications company that understands brands and luxury lifestyles. We look after its daily IT requirements to ensure uninterrupted and smooth working of its systems. We have worked with ANC on its IT systems right from its inception. We designed and built the IT systems and continue to maintain them till today. From 2005 Till Date Advertising and Media
ARK Reza Kabul Architects is a famed Design studio having operations in India and US. We streamlined their IT Infrastructure without any downtime and stabilized their IT operations. After Optimizing the Infrastructure, we helped them to move to Cloud from the legacy system, thus simplifying the Infrastructure and bringing down costs on upkeep. From 2016 Till Date Architecture and Interior
Lift and Shift are pioneers and leaders in heavy transportation, container transportation and related logistics. We introduced new technology tools and processes to help traditional processes leverage innovation. Using Cloud computing and online systems, Lift and Shift’s logistics and communications has become easier and well organised and is capable of achieving more than its earlier systems. From 2013 Till Date Travel and Transport
A lifestyle club and a hotel which runs on the same campus brought us new challenges. The client wanted its IT infrastructure running smoothly 24×7 without going over their budget. We used the existing systems to reduce costs, secure process and make reports more effective, allowing the client to make informed decisions. From 2013 Till Date Hospitality
A 4-Star hotel and a life style club both of which run on the same campus wanted to achieve more with the technology. We used the existing systems to reduce costs, secure process and make reports more effective, allowing the client to make informed decisions. Our teams continue to manage the facilities, and we constantly endeavour to make the client’s systems better. From 2013 Till Date Hospitality
ACS Shipping has very busy offices across India. The challenge for us was to change the IT system of the organisation, which cannot afford any downtime, and move it to cloud and get the IT in order. We handled the entire process, from procurement to installation, remotely using local vendors. We visited each office to train the teams to learn the new ways of doing old things, minimising any daily disruption. Year 2015 – 2016 Travel and Transport
A New School needed a team of Infrastructure and Safety and Security experts, Since the Management was particular about good design and Pre-empt Safety and Security Requirements, Matrix3D were involved from the construction phases, helping with technology integration, Safety and Security at various level. The premises were designed to be ready for tomorrow without overspending. From 2013 Till Date Education and Learning
India’s No. 1 domestic Travel Company has grown over the past few years, and its IT systems grew complicated with it. We made the IT setup manageable, brought down IT requirements, helped with licensing and network, and made the systems secure. Year 2015 – 2016 Travel and Transport
Mercator is a publicly listed company involved in various areas of shipping, transportation, oil and natural gas. We conducted a data organisation and security Assessment and presented to the management a report that highlighted the company’s existing IT Infrastructure and suggested ways in which it could be improved. Year 2015 Travel and Transport
The 35-year-old manufacturing company’s IT systems were functioning on years’ old legacy architecture. We reduced the complexity of their systems,servers and devices to create a simple, efficient and functional IT setup. Just as we completed the project, EagleBurgmann moved office premises. We built a new data centre and designed the building to be IT friendly, safe, allowing the IT systems to able to withstand many years in their new location. From 2009 to 2015 Manufacturing
FDR is the place banks go to when disaster strikes. Their employees can shift at short notice of just a few hours. We looked at the meticulous standards for the BFSI sector and helped FDRS build facilities to keep even the most discerning client happy. The facility housed 350 seats and a Tier 3 Data centre that we made extremely efficient to alleviate any concerns of its disaster stricken clients. Year 2009 IT
Abacus India had travel solutions and big plans. We were tasked to bring Singaporean efficiency to set up offices across various cities in India. Our teams helped Abacus from infrastructure to handling the logistics of implementation of IT equipment across India. We set up new processes for agents across India, brought down cost of IT implementation, Reduced IT Breakdowns at the agent’s locations and setup up the robust IT infrastructure for Abacus to grow on. From 2001 to 2003 Travel and Transport
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