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The Secure solution with complete control!

Just in a few weeks many things have changed. Security was always a concern of businesses that handle data, now to allow data to travel outside office.

  • Business want to enable their employees to use any device, anywhere to access the information. They would want to do that knowing that the data that is accessed is secure and threats and vulnerabilities to personal computers or even assigned office computers used do not impact the organisation data intentionally or accidentally.
  • Many businesses have strict compliance requirement and strict NDA’s that must ensure that client’s data is not leaked or copied/printed or distributed without authorization.
  • In such a case Control and monitoring mechanisms must be placed and conventional use may not be able to provide such exacting requirements.
  • It is a fully managed, always up to date, and offers rich windows users experience. The business does not need to spend money on physical office, users can work from any device, from anywhere with the same desktop experience. You have complete access control of your data and its security. It is an easily scalable model with no capital investments.

What is Virtual Workplace?


Virtual Workplace is an end to end solution that provides the ability to move an IT infrastructure on the cloud. It includes VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface).

  • Desktop
  • Your Server
  • Your applications installed on the server
  • Your network.

Virtual Workplace enables them to immediately enable Work from Home feature with enterprise level security, an easy and low-cost solution with complete deployment/technical support.


  • Virtual Workplace is accessible anywhere you have an internet connection and from various devices including just a browser.
  • Everything, starting from your Desktop/Laptop to the network and even the servers can be quickly moved to the Cloud.
  • There is no upfront Capital Cost and you pay based on your usage – Pay as you use.
  • You can decide how fast you need your desktop can be. The CPU, the RAM based on the applications you use.

Security is the focus of Virtual Workspace and it can be configured with various levels of security based on your business needs.

Virtual Workplace uses Microsoft as a primary platform with built-in security and data protection features to fulfil stringent compliance requirements.

  • Device Protection: Protect system and data when device is lost or stolen
  • Data Separation: Containment Data separation
  • Leak Protection: Prevent unauthorized users and apps from accessing and leaking data
  • Sharing Protection: Protect data when shared with others or shared outside of organizational devices and control

    Work with Confidence

    What we do

    • Virtual Workplace from Matrix3D is a comprehensive solution that includes
      planning, product implementation, and training.
    • It is a best practice implementation of complete virtual office experience on Microsoft platform with enterprise security along with storage and permission.
    • We help you move your complete company to a secure Cloud, and it comes with various options based on your business needs.
    • Matrix3D makes all this happen with the best advice and works out ways you optimize this to save costs. The actual running costs is much lower than a plain setup of moving to the cloud.

    What you get

    • You can have strong remote working culture to provide resilience in case of a crisis.
    • You have a Secure way of sharing of confidential data and intellectual property to adhere to compliance and NDA
    • You get a completely scalable model that is based on subscription and can save you cost of IT infrastructure, hardware upgrades and indirect expenses like Electricity, on-site Maintenance staff and server rooms.

    The Matrix3D Approach

    Plan – We help you plan the right deployment based on your business need and resources available.

    Procure – If you need assistance for subscriptions or upgrades, we help you get the best deals.

    Implement – A dedicated Associate backed by experts will help you roll it out.

    Train – To maximize usage, we will conduct trainings for your IT team and Staff.

    Where can you get Virtual Workplace?


    Virtual Workplace on Microsoft Azure Marketplace


    Also get Tally on Azure

    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What is the Minimum cost for setting up a Virtual Workplace?

    Virtual Workplace comes with host of features and the ongoing cost could be as low as Rs 7750/user per month for a 10 people company.

    What platform do you use for Virtual Workplace?

    Virtual Workplace uses Microsoft as a primary platform with in-built security and data protection features to fulfil the compliance requirement. It’s quick and easy to implement features allows the users to immediately adapt with huge saving compared to other platforms.

    Do we need to purchase new Software licenses for the Virtual Workplace?

    Software Licenses other than OS are to be purchased or Bring your own License.

    What are the components covered under this solution?

    It is a comprehensive solution, that includes planning, product, implementation, and training. 

    What is the duration to setup this solution?

    It would take 2 to 7 days to setup the solution initially. Addition, deletion, and upgrades take less than 24 hours.

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