Cyber Security Framework

Matrix3D covers security to address all three aspects – People, Process and Technology. 
Businesses by implementing tools like an Anti-Virus or A firewall believe they are protected.  Over 60% of attacks are caused due to lacuna in the organisation’s operational architecture or lack of skills. 


Businesses are worried about

  • Is Data being leaked to competitors?
  • Are Employees walking out with critical and years of information when then leave the company?
  • Are they systems which provide a Backdoor to your entire network to hackers?
  • Are you doing enough to protect your Client’s data?
  • Is your data backup and Archival system vulnerable to hacking and loss?

The most important challenge of cyber security is the constantly evolving nature of security risk. The traditional approach of focusing to protect critical system components against known threats and leaves the other areas undefended and not protecting systems against less dangerous risk is no longer applicable. Organizations now need to follow more Proactive and Adaptive approach.


Matrix3D Cyber Security Framework helps you protect at multiple layer from Computers, Network, Data, Backup, Internal and External attacks. We understand that the People, Process and Technology must all complement one another to create an effective defence from Cyberattacks.

We help you define the cyber security framework for your organization based on Identity, Protect, Detect, respond and Recover approach of NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Real time Assessment and Continuous monitoring is the right approach to keep the organization protected.

Security Management: Actively searching for threats is important for keeping your business safe and its should be an ongoing process. To find cyber threats our qualified team monitors and manages your environment, using advanced technology and analytics.

E-mail Protection: We protect your account from threats like Email Phishing, Spamming. We define the polices needed for hardening the domain, protect your email system and data and fulfil the Compliance requirement.

Information Protection: With Privacy and Data Protection (PDP), Matrix3D will help you protect your sensitive business data and assist you with meeting regulatory data compliance requirements related to data storage and protection.

Identity and Access Management: We’ll also help you assess your threat risk, create custom policies to encrypt and restrict access to sensitive data, and report on data access — helping to ensure that your important data remains protected.


Our holistic approach on Cyber security and Threat protection will help you protect all components of security breach.

As we understand that employees are one of the biggest vulnerabilities for the organization, we help you train and educate your employee with cyber risks and steps to be followed for protecting the organization with cyber-attack. Build awareness in them with the latest trends of attacks and how to act on them.

Our investigation team will help you find the root the cause of the Email Fraud and the protection against them.

Our Cyber Security Framework help you define the regular monitoring process in the organization to keep them protected with the vulnerabilities.

How Cyber Security can help your business to grow?

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