Data Privacy

Compliance with Data Protection rules and regulations regarding the processing of personal data of the citizens of specific geographies.

Over the last few years businesses have increasingly data-driven leading companies to store greater amounts of personal data. This has led to companies becoming extremely attractive targets for cyber-criminals looking for personal data of citizens.

As we can see from recent data breaches like the Canva breach, Justdial breach, Truecaller breach and the Marriott International data breach to name just a few, the scale and complexity of the attacks have been growing exponentially and the diversity of the companies that have been targeted is increasing.

Governments have begun waking up to this reality and have started taking steps to protect their citizens and by extension the data of their citizens by creating rules and regulations for companies to follow if they are to process personal information of their citizens.

The governments of the European Union (EU) have created and implemented the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to dictate to companies an entire range of steps and procedures that they need to follow to protect the personal data of citizens of the EU.
The GDPR applies to a company anywhere in the world which processes the data of even a single EU citizen. Closer to home the Indian government has created a set of regulations called the Personal Data Protection Bill which would be tabled in Parliament in the near future to protect the rights of Indian citizens vis-a-viz their personal data.

All of these regulations place a responsibility on the company to process data in a manner that is compliant with these regulations.

The services we provide will help you to demonstrate to the relevant authority that you are leaving no stone unturned to protect the personal data entrusted to you. Where allowed by law, we will give you a Data Trust Score which you can share with your customers to reassure them that your company is taking every step to protect the personal data that they have committed to your company’s care.

Indian PDP

To get you ready for Indian PDP we help you implement a framework to put the infrastructure and processes in place to be compliant with PDP Bill, so that you have no disruption to your business when the time comes.


Indian Outsourcing companies that deal with the EU have to ensure that they are General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)Bill compliant.  Our services to help you get GDPR compliant can drive you to be safer and even drive operational efficiency.

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