Business Process Reengineering

Re-thinking your business processes and improving the productivity by eliminating repetitive and tedious business task with technology to improve your business efficiency.

Matrix3D Business Process Re-engineering looks the root cause of loss of time and money in an organization. We believe operational innovation, not just tools, drives Digital Transformation.
Matrix3D empowers your organisation by understanding and re-thinking your processes and improving collaboration


The approach to buy a business application to solve business problems does not produce the desired results. Most inefficiencies are directly related to legacy processes and systems designed by best effort and problems compounded by improper mapping to the tools.


  • A senior Business Analyst will study the Business Requirement through Structure Workflow analysis and Documentation of processes.
  • Design thinking with Accepted industry outcome to create a new functional framework.
  • Identify metrics of importance: To give the effort value, we would determine what could be eliminated from the process – steps that generate cycle time, steps where individuals seek approvals, steps where individuals perform manual effort and so on.
  • Our team would evaluate, using techniques and tools, all the attributes of your systems. These would be mapped and analysed to show a clear chart of time and resources.
  • We would work with internal teams or Solution providers and help finalize the requirements and during the implementation work as a part of your team to ensure that solutions are delivered on time and in full.


  • You would have a real-world solution to a legacy process.
  • Unnecessary and legacy processes which can be done by technology tools would have replaced your manual methods.
  • You would have a clearer picture of your processes and control points would be established.
  • You would get a complete Cost to company of the solution and which would then help you understand where and how it has brought in efficiencies.

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