Improve your productivity with secure and real time collaboration, communication, document management and work analytics beyond expectation.

Our Collaboration Solution will transform your business by providing you tools and technology which can improve your business efficiency.

Digital Transformation has changed the way modern businesses works. We have shifted from making things on our own, by ourselves, in our office, to collaborating with our teammates and customers, virtually, in real time, on any device, from different locations.

The world of working at one desktop, one office, from 9-5 is changing. Your team members may be in a different building, in a different city or country. And they are now working on tablets and phones, from a doctor’s office, a coffee shop, or in the car after dropping the kids off at school.

To get competitive advantage with technology in the digitization world you need a right tools and methodology to adopt the solution in your business environment.

With Microsoft 365, the best of Office 365, Windows 10 and enterprise mobility and security, at the core, Matrix3D offers complete collaboration solution which begin from the study of your current business process, customize solution as per your business need and ensured end user adoption of the solution.


Intelligent Communication

Connect securely with your co-workers, employees or business partners in your company or around the world from any device. Enhance your productivity by bringing your team at one secure platform for instant message, audio – video call, online conference and meeting, group call, file transfer, and Desktop and program sharing, including presenting PowerPoint slide shows.

Document Management

Create, capture, store, distribute, and manage different forms of content effectively with our Document Management Services. Document management Solution bring rigor and discipline to file and folder structure administration. Document Management System helps you to prevent team members from overwriting each other’s work, enforce adherence to file naming conventions, and ensure everyone works with the most up-to-date files.
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