Intelligent Communication

Connect securely with your co-workers, employees or business partners in your company or around the world from any device.

Enhance your productivity by bringing your team at one secure platform for instant message, audio – video call, online conference and meeting, group call, file transfer, and Desktop and program sharing, including presenting PowerPoint slide shows.


  • Communicating with your customer who is not in your premises or with a colleague who is in a next room, or next building, different city, different country.
  • Organizing a group meeting but some of your employees are not in office and they want to join the meeting online.
  • You want to schedule the meeting in advance and get response of the invitees in advance to plan accordingly.
  • Record your meetings for future reference.
  • You want to share your screen and annotate PowerPoint for real-time collaboration during your conversation.
  • To instantly communicate or share the attachment with the colleagues


  • Invite your team by sharing one link.

Invitees can join your online meeting just by clicking on one link. This link is auto generated and unique for you, it will get created when you schedule the meeting. You can schedule the meeting in advance, it will give you reminder to join the meeting.

  • Strong collaboration tools for real-time input.

You can record your meeting for future reference. You can share your screen and annotate Power Point for real time collaboration. Use whiteboard, polls, Q&A, and built-in IM during your business meetings to make them more productive.

  • Advance Functionalities for better experience.

Expertly manage your online meetings with advanced calling options, like muting one or all participants and transferring presenter control. Trust in business-quality meetings with encrypted video and audio streams, and 24/7 phone support when needed.

  • Sound good, look amazing.

Enjoy industry-leading HD video for online meetings that feel top quality and trustworthy. Focus more on the people in your call, with added features like automatic cropping and head tracking.


  • Limitless meetings

No limits on number of meetings or meeting duration

  • Anywhere, Any device

Set up and join from any PC, Mac, iMac, Android, and iOS device

  • Easy Presentations with Screen Sharing

Share your screen or a file. Give and take control.

  • PowerPoint upload

Present with interactive tools, with annotation, highlighting, and laser pointer.

  • Whiteboard

Draft, draw and edit together like being in the same room.

  • Custom built accessories

Make your meetings even better with certified USB speakerphones, HD cameras, and headsets.

  • Schedule business meetings with email

Add a Meeting link so guests can join straight from the link which you have provided in a mail.

  • Large group meetings

Gatherings up to 250 people and 10,000 people with Skype Meetings Broadcast.

  • Connect with IMs

Start conversations with instant messages and turn it into a video call. Or keep it just as IMs only.

  • Collaboration tools

Record the meeting, take quick polls, run Q&As, and add attachments to your meeting.

  • Reliability and administration

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime. Deploy and manage across your company.

  • On-demand support

24/7 phone and web support.

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