Document Management

Create, capture, store, distribute, archive, and manage different forms of content effectively for your business with our Document Management Services.
Document management Solution bring rigor and discipline to file and folder structure administration. Document Management System helps you to prevent team members from overwriting each other’s work, enforce adherence to file naming conventions, and ensure everyone works with the most up-to-date files.


  • Your staff is spending most of their time in hunting for documents rather than working on the documents
  • Data stored on traditional file servers is accessible only from your work devices within your work premises. This prevents you from accessing your documents on the move from a mobile device.
  • Getting the latest version of the file is always a challenge as there are multiple versions of the same file.


  • Bring all your organization’s documents to a single secure platform that enables you to co-author documents along with your team, that frees you from the burden of creating multiple versions and remembering which version was the latest. These files can be accessed from anywhere on any device
  • The system allows only authenticated users to access the organization’s documents. Two Factor Authentication can be used in accordance with the organization’s policies to strengthen the security. Access to the documents can be controlled according to the users’ roles in your organization.
  • A proper Architecture and an intuitive Naming Convention will be designed according to your organization’s needs making documents more easily retrievable.
  • Our adoption processes will help your team to easily integrate the new system into their work process without effecting their productivity


Work Analytics

Get Analytics of how much time your staff are spending on documents.


Co-author the document with your team members while having a conversation with them without changing the tab.

Version History

You can always recover or compare the previous version of your document.

Protect what you value most

With features like mobile device management, data loss prevention and rights management services your data will be secure and controlled, by you.

Always available

You can work from anywhere whether or not you have access to the Internet.


Bolster productivity thanks to a consistent and optimized experience on all your favourite devices: Mac, PC, iPads and iPhones, Windows phones and tablets and Android phones and tablets.

Never Lost

Better visibility into the documents that you create and advanced search features which will help you to reduce lost documents.

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