Email Fraud Investigation

In the event of a fraud, we help you identify the source of the intrusion and to evaluate how to best safeguard your system from future attacks.


Email Fraud is the #1 corporate challenge today — yet 87 percent of organizations lack confidence in their company’s IT Security capabilities.

What good is email system if doesn’t protect company’s reputation and the financial lose?

What we do?

At Matrix3D we offer a Detailed investigation report on your fraud with Gaps in your  IT security including Cyber security.

  • The Investigation starts with collecting the data to understand the type of fraud
  • Find the originator of the fraud and identify the holes left in the network for further attacks
  • Prepare the report with the existing Gaps in the network and security system
  • Define the rectification process to fill the current gaps
  • Define a program which allows all employees to act responsibly and create a security aware culture in the organisation

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