Manufacturing industry needs upscale regularly to stay competitive.
Changes in process and technology help drive down costs and bring in better management control.
We have helped industries to build infrastructure which is future ready and brought in simplicity.

Advertising and Media

For advertising and Media the service offerings have changed from legacy media to digital at very fast pace.
We have worked for more than 20 years with interesting clients in this industry to help them keep abreast and also bring in change the way they deliver services.

Travel and Transport

The travel and transportation industry has been at the forefront of digital innovation, but industry and technology trends suggest that further change lies ahead.

Education and Learning

Content, learning, assessment, reporting and all facets of education can be revolutionized by using the new collaboration platforms.
Our experience in building and designing Schools and helping them adopt to the new way of working can help re-engineer your institution with goals towards modernization.

Real Estate

For a developer, time is money and the real estate industry challenges are based out of the need to control and manage activities and skill set of the workforce.
A collaboration platform which connects to different systems have shown encouraging results to bring down delays in processes and data availability.

NBFC and Finance

With finance being driven by many aspects of the organisational structure, the information mined and available in appropriate format helps the leadership make informed decisions.
Statutory compliance and taxation can be automated and controlled through technology in a convenient manner.


Priorities of what guests want has changed.
The hospitality Industry needs to keep their quality of service and offerings current.
Wi-Fi, connected convenience, automation, security and safety compliance has been the focus and will further gain importance.

Architecture and Construction

As the business gets competitive, organizations are moving from conventional drafting and design to offer services which bring value and reduce costs for the client.
3D architectural visualization, 3D printing and BIM (Building Information Modelling) is changing expectations.

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