Architecture and Construction

As the business gets competitive, organizations are moving from conventional drafting and design to offer services which bring value and reduce costs for the client.
3D architectural visualization, 3D printing and BIM (Building Information Modelling) is changing expectations.
Working with the leading Architecture firms in India for over a decade helps us bring new perspective and adoption path for you to transform.

Project Co-Ordination Practices

  • Project collaboration Environment
  • Project Communication
  • Project Monitoring and control

Application Integration

  • Application Integration to increase productivity and analysis
  • Create fabric to harmonize data and process flow

Digital Collaboration Practices

  • Teams and Project Group based collaboration
  • Site picture capturing and storing as per project and client
  • Open/closed discussion on blueprints and interior design patterns
  • Online or offline discussions on design documents

Security Practices across Software Application Fabric

  • Data security practices
  • License compliance
  • Data governance

Document Management

  • Real-time onsite document/picture upload as per project
  • Document storage structure
  • Document nomenclature¬† conventions
  • Permission and access policy
  • Archival system setup

Continuity Plan

  • On-premise and on project-site data availability
  • Backup and retrieval system
  • Archival system practice

Learning and Adoption Practices

  • Employee and consultant competence building
  • Intra-organisation learning base and material library
  • On-the-job and experimental learning
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