Priorities of what guests want has changed.
The hospitality Industry needs to keep their quality of service and offerings current.
Wi-Fi, connected convenience, automation, security and safety compliance has been the focus and will further gain importance.
We have worked to re-engineer and assist hotels and clubs to streamline processes and bring in accountability at every stage.

Project Co-Ordination Practices

  • Roster for ground Staff, chef and room cleaners
  • Notification as per schedule and roster
  • Connecting feedback form with staff allocation, food material procurement, discounts, etc.
  • Season and event based customer traffic management

Application Integration

  • Improve co-ordination between existing technologies and software
  • Connect disparate hospitality management, guest Wi-Fi, accounting and POS Systems

Digital Collaboration Practices

  • Real time customer feedback captured in text, audio or video format
  • Digital customer contact management
  • Customised feedback forms
  • Share recipes in audio/video format across Chefs or within organisation

Security Practices across Software Application Fabric

  • Data security practices
  • License compliance
  • Data governance

Document Management

  • Preparation, storage and retrieval for rate cards
  • Easy storage and retrieval of Audio/Video files of recipes
  • Customer feedback storage as per Menu, Day and Season
  • Automated document nomenclature¬† conventions
  • Permission and access policy
  • Archival system setup

Continuity Plan

  • On-premise and remote data availability
  • Backup and retrieval system
  • Archival system practice

Learning and Adoption Practices

  • Executives and on ground staff Competence Building
  • Intra-organisation learning base and university
  • On-the-job and experimental learning
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