Manufacturing industry needs upscale regularly to stay competitive.
Changes in process and technology help drive down costs and bring in better management control.
We have helped industries to build infrastructure which is future ready and brought in simplicity.
Moving from legacy systems to agile and light technology enable you deliver quicker value in sync with the times.

Project Co-Ordination Practices

  • Business intelligence reports based on demand forecasting, supply management, unmet consumer demands and similar reports
  • Purchase Schedules for procuring raw material
  • Logistics schedule management with line Managers, factory head and sales managers
  • Production Monitoring schedule and task allocation to line managers and supervisors
  • Factory output reports used by accounts, management, legal / logistics and purchase team for planning and schedule

Application Integration

  • Connect disparate Budgeting, Accounting, Logistics, Procurement, Wages Management systems, ERP, SAP to create a software fabric
  • Application integration for mass productivity and analysis
  • Machine learning to optimise factory Lines and streamline production

Digital Collaboration Practices

  • Secured Communication channel for factory heads, managers, line managers, supervisors logistics and supply chain traders
  • Corporate collaboration platform to avoid data leakage
  • Audio/video call to rectify machine breakdown issues between vendors, system administrator¬† and line managers
  • Live conference across geographical locations to understand new tools and technologies
  • Quick and effective decisions, eliminating¬† time and location barriers
  • Digital note creation on real time, sharing notes, Q&A during Live Conferences
  • Record important meeting and decisions taken in the meeting for future reference
  • Easily check availability of employees across organisation including overseas
  • Bring communication under your organisation’s own platform and policy
  • Real-time co-authoring on documents
  • Internal communication channels

Security Practices across Software Application Fabric

  • Data security practices
  • License compliance
  • Data governance

Document Management

  • Document storage structure
  • Document nomenclature¬† conventions
  • Permission and access policy
  • Archival system setup

Continuity Plan

  • On-premise and remote data availability
  • Archival system setup

Learning and Adoption Practices

  • Executive and worker competence building
  • Intra-organisation learning base and university
  • On-the-job and experimental Learning
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