NBFC and Finance

With finance being driven by many aspects of the organisational structure, the information mined and available in appropriate format helps the leadership make informed decisions.
Statutory compliance and taxation can be automated and controlled through technology in a convenient manner.

Project Co-Ordination Practices

  • Real-time meeting with different project and team members across locations
  • Project planning and schedulers managing of financial traders, stock brokers, accounts team, internal auditors and risk managers
  • Real time project monitoring to check if deliverables are met on time
  • Planning and managing tasks of financial analysts, audit teams, accounts teams, trade Brokers and front office traders
  • Automatic notifications on completion of tasks
  • Live stock exchange price updates and trade on real time basis
  • Track and manage performance of Client’s Portfolio, Mutual Fund Pools and Investors Portfolio

Application Integration

  • Connect disparate financial and accounting systems to create software fabric
  • Integrate disparate financial application like Bloomberg, DTCC, Swapswire, FINRA, TRACE and others to increase productivity and analysis

Digital Collaboration Practices

  • Secured communication channel for individual and group communication with finance executives, CFO and management
  • Live conference across geographical locations using secured audio and video connection
  • Quick and effective financial decisions eliminating time and Location barriers
  • Digital note creation on real time, sharing notes, Q&A during live conferences
  • Record important meeting and decisions taken in the meeting for future reference
  • Real time video call collaboration with accounts, finance heads and project team to take quick decisions on commercials without ambiguity
  • Easily check availability of employees across the organisation including overseas
  • Bring communication under your organisation’s own platform and policy
  • Real-time co-authoring on documents
  • Individual or group forums for open discussions

Security Practices across Software Application Fabric

  • Data security practices
  • Secured passage for moving financial data – particularly when moving in and out of your systems
  • Built-in controls to give you the flexibility to manage the passage of sensitive information through accurate, automatic, and centrally managed data loss prevention capabilities
  • Monitor and protect your company’s sensitive and confidential information
  • License Compliance
  • Data Governance

Document Management

  • Document storage structure as per client, projects and portfolios
  • Document nomenclature  conventions
  • Permission and access policy
  • Archival system setup

Continuity Plan

  • On-premise and remote data availability
  • Archival system setup

Learning and Adoption Practices

  • Finance and administration competence building
  • Intra-organisation learning base and university
  • On-the-job and experimental learning
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