Travel and Transport

The travel and transportation industry has been at the forefront of digital innovation, but industry and technology trends suggest that further change lies ahead.
The sector has been an early adopter of digital technologies and platforms, but steep demand for travel, driven by a growing middle class in emerging markets and the increasing importance of digital experiences, implies that further digitalization will be vital if the expectations of tomorrow’s consumers are to be met.

Project Co-Ordination Practices

  • Online Vacation/Trip Package Information Calendar availability to Customers and Staff as well
  • Online Booking Management
  • Online Roster Management with
  • End to End Vacation Management – Calendar, Resource, Stay and Accommodation,
  • Notifications and Reminders to Staff Members, Hotel and Boarding Vendors and Customers as well

Application Integration

  • Connect disparate CRM, Accounting System to create software fabric

Digital Collaboration Practices

  • One to One, Group Chat with Customers
  • Audio and Video Call Support to Customer
  • Customer Discussion Forums and Feedback
  • Secure Online Video Streaming of Previous Vacations, Marketing Material
  • Cloud-based centralised quotation/package creation, storage and communication/discussion within team
  • Integrated Customer Relationship Management in line with other tools

Security Practices across Software Application Fabric

  • IT Security Practices
  • IT Compliance
  • Data Governance

Document Management

  • Document Storage Structure as per standard/class/subject
  • Document Nomenclature Conventions
  • Permission and Access Policy
  • Archival System Setup

Continuity Plan

  • 99.999999% Data availability
  • Archival System Setup

Learning and Adoption Practices

  • Teacher, Experts and Student Competence Building
  • Intra-organisation Learning base and University
  • On-the-job and Experimental Learning
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