Information Security Readiness - ISO 27001

Be sure of the information security in your organization, it is best to build it on an auditable standard. Design and build controls and code of practice against technology risks such as cyber-attacks, hacks and data leaks/ thefts to have your security bench-marked against ISO 27001 standards. 


Information Security is critical part of the business. To be sure that you are protected, it is prudent to follow international standard for modern information security effectiveness.

Once you have decided to embark the journey to comply with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard, including policies procedures and control in your organization, you will need a partner that will guide you on the way forward.  The partner will evaluate your organization’s exiting processes, policies and controls related to security sensitive data and systems before you start the audit.

This ISO 27001 Readiness not only saves your time and money by identifying the gaps before seeking the certification, it also assists in the process of getting properly prepared for the ISO/IEC 27001 Standard certification.


Matrix3D’s  ISO Readiness service will help you get the current state of your organizations information security deployment.

  • Our certified auditors and security experts will review your current ISMS and its operation to ensure that your business meets or exceeds the compliance requirements.
  • We review all documents processes, policies related to ISO along with the implemented controls.
  • We also interview the important stake holders of your organization.
  • The Readiness report will provide the complete detail of current non-conformities with the remedy to overcome it. This will provide you time to address those non– conformities prior to starting the formal audit.
  • It will surely increase your credibility and beyond for your services to your client and regulatory bodies. We offer end-to-end services from Assessment to Rectification leading to certification.



  • You improve your business reputation, minimize information security risk and be ahead of the curve. 

  • You achieve your goals through a single point of contact, as we have the unique ability to deliver end-to-end objectives from Audit to Rectification leading to certification. 

  • You data is protected  in the best possible way recognized worldwide, for your business vertical. 

  • The final report will provide complete details on your current status to be ISO compliant and the areas which need to be addressed before a formal Certification Audit should be attempted. 

  • You  have complete transparency of your information security system with all requirements of the Standard and the processes, procedures and controls you have in place for the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of your ISMS (Information Security Management System).

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