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IT governance for Small and Medium Business


IT functions in SMEs tend to have a more centralised structure with business owner. Because the limited resource available to small business, they often rely on outsourcing and external consultants for service and support.

As the company matures and achieves scale, it’s IT Infrastructure, Information Security, Data Privacy,  Disaster Recovery (DR) and Application systems must be implemented as per  best practices. And yet be accountable, transparent and monitored.

There are two aspects to this, the technical design and policies which form the foundation and
Governance to ensure that it creates an optimum returns from investment in IT and long-term sustainable value.

What is IT Framework

  • The technical design and policies which may be created to align with the business needs of the organisation – The  IT Framework would enhance safety, security and efficiency in processes, leading to benefits for your company and your clients.

  • An IT Framework designed by Matrix3D may address and comply with any of the six characteristics to effectively support the implementation IT governance.

    1. No board of directors to continuously authorize decisions
    2. Small or non-existent IT departments
    3. Lack of Skilled Resources for new technologies
    4. Fewer complex frameworks
    5. Focus on Information security
    6. Low-cost IT solution using open Source or subscription models


Matrix3D will with the objectives defined understand your requirement and create a framework which can cater to any of the needs policies and put in place a time-bound action plan to address the gap and comply with the guidelines.

Some of the areas which may be critical to you and the framework will help you achieve are:

  • An IT framework without jargon and simple enough to be understood by non-IT staff or IT staff that do not specialize in IT governance
  • Basic Policies that are simple and easier to implement, and only contain controls that are applicable to small business.
  • A Maker-Checker matrix to reduce the risk of error or misuse and to ensure reliability of information.
  • Information Technology and Information Security guidelines.
  • Requirements with regards to general end-user software packages to include compliance and cost of ownership, subscriptions and best fit.
  • Structure for data backup and restoration with periodic testing.

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