IT Health Check-up

The IT health check-up is a Quick diagnosis of your IT health done through a series of investigations to help you understand your Business Risk


Your IT infrastructure is your primary business enabler and it is necessary to understand the impact of IT Breakdown causing a risk to Business continuity and performance. There are aspects of IT stress, which worries all businesses.

  • Victim of Multiple Ransomware attack.

  • Billing and Client Deliverable being delayed due to frequent Downtime.

  • Reputation and peace of mind at stake due to software Compliance.

  • Possibility of Data Theft.

  • Apparent need for the IT teams to up-skill to help keep up with change.

  • A quick Check on Investments in IT and their Total cost of Ownership.


  • Matrix3D provides a focused and brief assessment which helps you understand your Business risk from your IT Infrastructure. This is a two day exercise that offers a clear picture through our study which follows best practices and standards. Our experts assess and collect the information of your IT Infrastructure.
  • We identify the Risk level associated with your IT Infrastructure

  • We provide areas identification that requires improvement

  • We guide you to implement right fit solutions

    Areas we look

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Servers
  • Email
  • IT Asset
  • Data
  • Security


  • The primary Health check gives you a 360 view of your IT Infrastructure health

  • A direction to move forward with recommendations and a roadmap

  • Your data footprint and how it is protected, from attacks, during outage and in crisis.

  • What can be changed and optimized in your systems with little or no capital investments to increase productivity

  • Information relevant for compliance and policies that protect your organization

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