Complete IT Infrastructure Assessment

A complete IT Infrastructure Assessment is the examination of an organisation information technology infrastructure, policies and operations. It determines whether IT controls and protects corporate assets, ensures data is protected and the business is aligned with overall goals.


The Management quite often are apprehensive with questions as to the actual state of their corporate IT. Available information is biased and swings between two ends – either a negative user experience or a sense of notional wellness. Sometimes too technical and confusing for decision makers.

An IT Infrastructure Assessment is critical in knowing your IT ecosystem from an external and best practice perspective. As systems evolve, new components are added, and some removed. Question on how will the new technology integrate with the existing infrastructure?  This knowledge is a pre-requisite before bringing or investing in new technology. It helps to find gaps in the current IT ecosystem along with recommendations on how to address them.


Our Complete IT Infrastructure Assessment service helps you get a comprehensive, unprejudiced and sensible Assessment of the state of your technology ecosystem.

We run a diagnostic of your core issues involving physical inspections and discuss with Management and your IT Teams on various challenges and processes in your organisation.

The Areas covered are

  • Infrastructure – Stability and Performance of network.
  • Inventory – Computers, Servers, Peripherals and its suitability Audits.
  • Vendor and contractual compliance – Your service exposure.
  • Software Asset Management – Your software license ownership and compliance.
  • Data Storage and Retrieval – Equipment and process for storing data in your organisation.
  • Connectivity solutions – Connecting head offices to remote offices, Internet and its fit.
  • Resilience and Security solutions – Data Backup and Business Continuity.


  • Secure your IT Infrastructure from cyber-attacks with clear picture of current security status of your IT.
  • A detailed assessment report would provide management with a true picture of their entire IT infrastructure, Architecture, strategy, actual costs, and governance.
  • You would have complete transparency and an expert opinion to ensure that you are not entangled in a blame game.
  • You get a framework for managing the IT Infrastructure which is best fit for you, moving forward.
  • We connect all aspects of your technology components and work culture to Present you the GAPS found your IT infrastructure that currently or in the future will be disruptive to your business.

What else can you expect?

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