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Improve your productivity with secure and real time collaboration, communication, document management and work analytics beyond expectation.

Modern Challenges 

There is a significant increase in the mobile data usage, Cloud Adoption, digitization and personal device usage in the way businesses are leveraging technology.  Various companies need to immediately ensure that the organisation can make a collaborative and yet secure environment available to its employees to conduct business. This also aligns with the way other companies and consumers have adopted technology to increase productivity.

Modern Solution

At Matrix3D we help companies which have taken the step to move towards digital transformation.  Our framework is designed around 4 tenets that allow business to move to the next level of productivity.  

Connected: The apps and the people need to be connected in real time and will work together in a convenient manner to facilitate teams to share data across apps and systems.

Accessible: Teams use various devices to access apps and corporate information. There is a necessity for data to be available on pre-set devices without duplication. Our service helps you effectively use corporate assets and define BYOD and Mobile device management polices

Adopt: New Digital tools require employees to bring in a change. Usually this is disruptive and investments in technology needs to be supplemented by interaction with teams and change in culture. Matrix3D will help your employees use the tools quickly and effectively.  Our Business Associates work to train teams to use the technology better.

Secure: At Matrix3D our drive for adoption towards a digital and Modern workplace is based on the strong foundation of security. Identity management and data sharing follow our time-tested process to help your place safer to use and implement good Monitoring and control systems.

Area’s covered are. Document Management accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device with file history and offline availability, Task Management and Planning integrated with mail and users. Email and messaging integration to keep your teams informed on the activities. Do Instant Messaging, Voice and Video call.

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