Welcome to  Matrix3D IT Infrastructure Risk Assessment Test

This Assessment is designed as per the International Standards, for Business owners and CXOs. It has 16 Multiple choice questions which can be completed in 3-5 minutes.

At the end you get a score for your IT Infrastructure Security Risk Exposure.

If you want a more detailed report in your mail box please provide a valid Email address.

1. Who is responsible for IT security?
2. Does your annual Business improvements plans include data protection and cyber security?
3. When was the last time you did an independent third-party audit of your IT or cyber security?
4. Did you know downloading or Streaming Pirated Content can make you liable for jail and fines as per Indian IT Act for all involved and the management of the company?
5. How do you know that your organization's sensitive information is secured?
6. Are your employees allowed to store business data on personal cloud storage (dropbox / Personal Google/OneDrive Storage)?
7. What do you do to secure your business data when an employee leaves?
8. When was the last test conducted for complete data recovery from your backup
9. Did you know that Software piracy is liable for legal penalties and fines both for company as well as the management?
10. Do you have current inventory of all IT assets and is it updated with Change management?
11. How do you Dispose off your Computer equipment?
12. Are Service Level Agreement (SLA) being assigned to all IT assets?
13. How often do you change the password of Critical Devices like Server, Firewall, Store, Wi-Fi, etc.?
14. Does all Windows system has version 10?
15. Do you monitor logs from Internet usage, Server events, and email System to identify any threats?
16. Was there any adverse Business impact due to IT Outage in the last 1 year?
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