Ransomware Investigation

In the event of Ransomware Attack, we help you identify the source of the intrusion and evaluate how to best safeguard your system from future attacks.


The Malware epidemic has spread across and has hit without any prejudice across all type of business in every vertical. Small and medium size business have been most affected as there are more instances where it has led to unrecoverable financial losses and the cyber security hygiene is not up to the mark. There have been many cases where even after the removal and recovery the organisation has been hit again after a few months and this has always led to the organisation crippled and vulnerable.

The rise has increased exponentially and the failure to respond with adequate measure has long standing effects. How companies respond to this threat defines it stability. Need of Ransomware Investigation is high to identify the problem from root and protect in future.


Dealing with the complicated and multi-faceted issue of threat mitigation, investigation and recovery can taxing for a business and requires expertise and experience. Matrix3D offers an end to end service of Ransomware Investigation which help you get back to business quickly.

At Matrix3D we have experience in handling Ransomware attack and have worked with all verticals to provide a solution which is business centric.

We take a four step apporaoch in our Ransomware Investigation

Secure > Assess > Recover > Prevent

We will study the complete IT Infrastructure and understand holistically areas which requires more attention

We help you deploy best security practices in the organization using preventing techniques

We will help you with guidelines including policies and process to be deployed in the organization

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