SEBI Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Framework

Audits and rectification for Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience as per circular by SEBI, for stockbrokers.


As per the SEBI circular SEBI/HO/MIRSD/CIR/PB/2018/147 dated on December 03, 2018 all stockbroker must comply with the SEBI cyber security framework to maintain robust cyber security and cyber resilience framework to protect the integrity of data and privacy.

It focuses on protecting the data and the privacy of security holders by improving the Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience of the Stockbrokers and Depository Participants.  It governs data created, received or maintained by them wherever these data records are and whatever form they are in, in the course of carrying out their designated duties and functions.

It is important to find a third-party auditor that fits your requirements and budget and creates more value to help you remain SEBI cyber security compliant.


Matrix3D covers security to address all three aspects – People, Process and Technology.

We have mapped the SEBI Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Framework guidelines with provisions to reflect completeness and comprehensiveness of the circular. Under  three parts

  1. Identify and Protect
  2. Detect and Respond
  3. Re-mediate and Recover

At Matrix3D, we work as YOU, to investigate how your users and tech team interact with Technology, understand your Risk Profile and help you comply with the SEBI Cyber Security Framework.

What you get

  • Compliance to SEBI’s guidelines
  • Cyber Security Incidents and Event
  • Control Effectiveness
  • Overall Risk Score
  • Policies, Procedures, SOPs
  • User Training and Awareness
  • Road Map to Cyber Security and Resilience



  • Our solutions are fast and easy to implement with the complete guidelines and directions to achieve this.
  • Matrix3D can move one step further and help you implement industry best practices in your organization while implementing the Master Direction Framework.
  • With our expertise in IT audit, we make sure that you comply with the  SEBI Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Framework guidelines and implement them correctly.
  •  We provide you Cyber Security Incidents and Event, Control Effectiveness, Overall Risk Score, Policies, Procedures, SOPs, User Training and Awareness, Road Map to SEBI Cyber Security Resilience and Continuous Audit.

Want to comply with SEBI Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Framework guidelines ?

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