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For companies providing quick personalized service to its Users which can ensure higher productivity is always an unspoken need. With Self-help features and Automation, many such needs are addressed. With new technologies and more IT aware employee, Matrix3D changes the focus from conventional helpdesk to leverage the power of Digital and set new goals.


Moving forward, with Cloud solutions, Emerging technology, more diligent License compliance and managing Hardware Assets and most important Security it is necessary to make the role of Helpdesk further than handling Incident and Problems only. Organizations are looking not just a reactive incident management centre or a Network operating or Security Operating Centre, but a more inclusive service which helps them take care of the organization holistically.


Our Digital Helpdesk helps to be Pro-active service and looks at achieving two goals.

  1. Create greater collaboration, boost efficiency and improve user experience by quick call resolution and understand criticality and help in service and upskills
  2. Take a proactive approach to governance. Managing change in an organization and understanding Total cost of ownership and ensuring compliance and secure Asset management.

This is through a set of a team of professionals who are based on a diligent Front desk team backed up by Subject matter experts on technologies used. This helps to find resolution to problems quickly and the correct solution thus avoiding repeated issues.

A team of technology experts would be available to remotely monitor and proactively patch your IT Systems. Your IT infrastructure is managed remotely for all changes and issues through systems and a team. The clear areas identified are monitored so that no issue is ignored.


Since Routine and Process oriented tasks would be taken care by the Managed Services, your resident IT team would be available for on-site technical support. Your IT Infrastructure would have improved uptime and hence teams would have higher productivity, simplified operations management and focus on core competencies.

A great way of saving cost and time

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